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If you have received a quote for the cost to translate your employee handbook into Spanish, you've seen numbers in the thousands.  And if you've played around with translation software, you've found that a human touch is required in order to match the "feel" or meaning of the English counterpart document.  For instance: We put the following sentence into translation software:  "I love my wife so much my heart aches."  The software came back with "Adoro a mi esposa tantas mis penas."  We put "Adoro a mi esposa tantas mis penas" into the same software to get a reverse translation and got: "I worship my so many wife my griefs."  Some businesses would be reluctant to rely solely on software to translate legal-sensitive text.  For that matter, you may not want to rely of software to write a Spanish love letter to your spouse either, or she may come out of translation saying "Of course I'm grieving, I just found out that I am not the only spouse you worship!!!"


HRIT Inc and Alisa International have come together to offer an Employee Handbook and HR Forms that have been translated into Spanish.  For less than $200, you can purchase a Federally compliant employee handbook and an assortment of HR forms in English and in Spanish; a California version is available for $399.00.


Everyone that purchases a handbook template will always edit the content.  How will changes be translated?


Customers that purchase the Spanish version will be get 10% off the normal translation rates when they have Alisa International translate the changes.


The HRIT Inc Employee Handbooks say that they are reviewed at least once every six months by an attorney specializing in Employment Law; have the Spanish translations been reviewed by a bi-lingual attorney?


This is an important question; the answer is No. Our English versions are reviewed by attorney's specializing in employment law at least once every six months; the Spanish versions are certified TRANSLATIONS of our English Versions.  HRIT Inc. does not have any Spanish-speaking employees.  We have posted two sample pages of our employee handbook, one in English and the other in Spanish, for you to study the quality of translation, and make an informed decision.  Click Here to view our Employee Handbook Sample page.


About our translator: Lisa G.


Born in New York and raised in Puerto Rico, Lisa's language skills in both English and Spanish were reinforced by a totally bilingual education. After graduation from High School, her scores on the College Entrance Examination automatically allowed her to take the required courses in English and Spanish at the advanced levels.  In college, while completing her studies at the University of the Sacred Heart, in Santurce, Puerto Rico, her curriculum included Business Correspondence in both languages.  Her work experience included top notch positions with law firms, stockbrokers, advertising agencies, real estate firms, and others.  During five years she worked for the US Food and Drug Administration and obtained the highest commendation at a Regional Level for her outstanding initiative in communicating with the Spanish-speaking Media in New York and beyond.  She translated her Agency's information and provided it to the Media. Her columns were often printed verbatim.  Most articles would also be reprinted in Latin America.  Her interviews were conducted using a very neutral, international language, which also allowed the media in New York to furnish them to other countries, as a Public Service.

In Orlando, Lisa successfully worked with major translation companies on a full-time basis.  During the past twelve years she has been fully dedicated to freelancing for the most prestigious translation companies in Orlando and in other states and countries.

For custom orders, whenever localization is indispensable, a second translator from the target country is consulted, thus, adding that “special flavor” to the essence of the text.


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